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Integrated Marketing Communication Project – American Eagle

Excerpts from the Final Report that was presented to the Professor

Positioning Statement

[…] slogan of this campaign: “For everyday, For everybody.” AEO is different and unique in the minds of their consumers because the company focuses on promoting the individuality […] By utilizing “real individuals”, […] it appeals to consumers’ uniqueness and actively demonstrates how AEO products can be used to express diverse styles. “

Impression/Original Message

“The video ad features a different model for every day of the week to showcase the versatility of AEO’s products for all genders, ethnicities, and body types. […] This campaign’s simple slogan “For everyday, for everybody” includes wordplay that supports AEO’s philosophy of inclusivity while being memorable. […] The campaign aims to develop AEO’s image as an inclusive brand while the advertisement intends to emphasize the idea that AEO’s clothes are targeted towards everyone, can be worn for any occasion, and styled in countless ways. […] The overall goal is to build a connection with consumers and facilitate brand loyalty, thus increasing customer lifetime value and share of wallet.”

The faces in this mock ad are covered to protect the identities of the models. The original post was in a video format, however due to this blog operating on the free version of WordPress it will be a still image. Thank you for understanding


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