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Waste Goes Where!?

As part of my Sociology of Food and Eating course at Ryerson, I created new posters for Facilities Management following the recommended guidelines created by Jannet Robins from Robins Environmental consultant group.

Here you can see Ryerson’s original waste bin posters. However, since the posters depict waste through icon images it is hard for those quickly passing by to understand what goes into what bin. By using real images of waste commonly encountered by Ryerson staff, students, and visitors people will be quickly decide which bing their waste should go into.

Coupled with the large stop sign at the bottom of each poster, it encourages users to stop and think about where they are putting their waste. Additionally, the list next to the stop sign indicates what materials should not be entering each bin.

Through slight changes in waste management posters, users will be able to make more accurate decisions on where and how they should be disposing their waste products.

Screen Shot 2020-02-11 at 5.04.15 PM


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